Head Masters Coach Tiffany started coaching in 1988, while interning with United States Swimming in Colorado Springs, CO.  She combines a mix of knowledge from exercise physiology and human anatomy; a dose of personal experience; years of absorbing information from the greatest coaches in the sport; and, more than 20 years of swim coaching/teaching experience to create the best training programs for the athletes she coaches, regardless of the age. 
Tiffany has coached adults primarily with Boulder Aquatic Masters in Boulder, Colorado, being part of BAM for more than 15 years.  She has also coached brief stints with the Dallas Aquatic Masters with Jim Montgomery and Bobby Patten; at The Olympic Club with Scott Williams; and in Mesa, Arizona.  Tiffany is known for her creative, yet challenging workouts that all levels of swimmer seem to enjoy.  She created adult beginning swimming classes in Boulder and Mesa that were very popular and well-attended.
Tiffany has served on two USMS coaching staffs for the World Masters Championships.  In 2004, she was part of the Riccione, Italy staff, and in 2008, part of the Perth, Australia staff.  These trips were fantastic opportunities to meet masters swimmers from all over the US and world, and to meet and learn from other coaches from around the world, as well. 
Tiffany came to the Orinda area to work with Steve Haufler, after meeting him at a coaching conference in 2010.  She is happy to be involved with kids through the Orinda Country Club, but welcomes the adult interaction she’s had with the Orinda masters and the Temescal Masters in Oakland.