What is a typical masters workout like?
Each workout is 1 hour long consisting of a warm up, the main “set” and a warm down. Specifically, a workout begins with 10-15 minutes of warm-up followed by 30-40 minutes of interval based training, including some stroke work and kicking and pulling sets, then ending with a warm down. Within this basic framework, workouts vary each day in order to allow focus on different strokes and techniques and make the workouts both interesting and challenging for our swimmers.

Does everyone do the same workout?
The workouts are always structured to accommodate both competitive and non-competitive swimmers. In the 6AM workout, swimmers are typically grouped by speed so each lane can swim the set on the same interval. For example, lanes will swim repeats of 100 yards of freestyle at intervals ranging from 1:15 to 2:30.

How many yards does a workout consist of?
A typical one-hour workout consists of approximately 2000-3000 yards depending on the pace of the lane.

I’m not sure if I’m fast or experienced enough for Masters swimming. What is necessary to be a Masters swimmer?
The main criteria for swimming Masters is a desire to improve your fitness through swimming. The workouts are flexible enough to accommodate those newer to swimming as well as those at the highest competitive level. If you are new to swimming, you would swim in a slower lane at first and take breaks as needed during the workout. Gradually you would work up the conditioning and stamina to complete an entire workout. The time you need to do that is up to you. For your first workout, you would talk to the coach on deck to help you choose the best lane to start.

What is the difference between the 6AM work out group and the 9AM workout group?
The 6AM group is the larger group and works out in 10 lanes ranging from faster swimmers to slower swimmers. The 9AM group swims in 5 lanes and is less structured as to the speed of the swimmer in a particular lane. Because the 9AM group is smaller, it is often easier for swimmers to get more individualized attention. This is particularly helpful for new swimmers.

What is the difference between a Masters swim program and lap swimming?
Orinda Aquatics Masters (OAM) is a registered club with United States Masters Swimming, and our members are registered with USMS. Adults ages 19 and older may swim with a Masters club. Unlike lap swimming, our coaches provide a structured workout, offer feedback on technique, and assist with your swimming skills all to motivate you and help you achieve your specific swimming goals. You also learn from your fellow swimmers which further enriches your fitness or competitive swimming experience.